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Aha and Snort



A thought just struck me. If I’m right, it would explain a lot.


You know how handwriting experts say that a person’s signature basically remains the same throughout life? Well then, take a look at Donald Trump’s signature on one of the documents pictured on page 1 (hard-copy) of the New York Times’s blockbuster story of October 3 about Trump’s ill-gotten gains, the document headed SUNNYSIDE TOWERS APTS. COMPANY. It’s a pretty normal, if somewhat childish signature – small, rounded, perfectly legible. While the document in the photomontage is undated, it seems to have been created many years ago, while Trump’s father and brother were still alive.


Then check out any of the many examples of Trump’s current signature – the one he displays on a bill after he has signed it: huge (the caps at least 1” high), thick, very angular. It looks nothing at all like the older one.


How can we explain the discrepancy? Continue reading